Speaking of Electronic Privacy and the Office Copy Machine

So many personal private info is stored in the hard drives of every office.
Did you realize that whatever photocopy you do, an image of the copy is kept on the photocopier machine?!!! And it can be viewed later on! Even though its hard to believe but it is true. Since 2002 each photocopier machine has been mounted with a hard disk drive. So whatever is being copied on that machine is saved on the hard drive. This is really alarming news for customers. A news report now all over youtube shows how this can be really alarming. You can buy a used photocopier machine for as low as USD300 and take out its hard drive and it’s all there! I remember how prior to 2002 there were photocopier machines around and we had no problem with them. They were doing the job right without the internal hard drive saving copies. So why can’t we have the previous way?! And if the technology has advanced so much that it is absolutely necessary to have internal memories of high capacity, then why not clear them on daily basis once the job is done?

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