2 thoughts on “REO Enterprises, LLC is about to expand to the IT arena. Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

  1. Hi Rodney, At last I found you, what happened to all that black curly soft beautiful hair, Wow!!! But you still look good. Last time I actually spoke to you, you were living in Mo. Boy its hard to keep up with you. Oh yea, this is an old friend from Hartford, conn, Worked with you in the Insurance business, orginally from New York, now live in Aiken, SC, always had a flamimg crush on you, can u guess who I am??? want to find out? 803-624-4014

    1. Hey Pat, wow, I never check this. You know I remember you girlfriend. I moved to Clearwater (Tampa) FL on 01/10/2012 retired. Just boat a boat. Check me out on Facebook.

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