ALERT! Problems with Mozilla Firefox 5.0 ALERT!

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ALERT! Problems with Mozilla Firefox 5.0 ALERT!

As I have been a proponent of switching from the vulnerability riddled Internet Explorer telling everyone to use a different browser because of IE’s long known issues, I feel it my responsibility to alert everyone to significant problems with Mozilla Firefox 5.0. I first thought it was me but noticed that once I upgraded to Firefox 4.0 my programs and other actions would not respond or work properly. This got worse when I moved up to FF 5.0. The article by well-known tech person and tech writer for the New York Times outlines it all in his article linked and attached.

Although the insert video and picture of David Pogue have nothing to do with this article, I wasn’t aware the New York Times byline was that of J.D. Biersdorfer and not Pogue who is the tech writer for the Times.  They were interesting images and video so I left them in – no extra charge 🙂

But back to the the Firefox issue;

I downgraded to 3.6 and all work fine except Mozilla is not going to support it for long and it will not be watched for vulnerabilities e.g.; viruses, spyware, worms and such nasty things. As austere as it looks Google’s Chrome browser now looks better and better.

2 thoughts on “ALERT! Problems with Mozilla Firefox 5.0 ALERT!

  1. Hi Rodney. I use FF 5 and everything works okay except I have trouble loading images and the cache is really persistent. Sometimes it freezes as well, but I expect the next upgrade will address those issues. I have tried Chrome repeatedly and dislike it intensely. It does nothing for me, and I have so many add ons on my FF that Chrome never even thought of having.

  2. I don’t like Chrome either, It’s to blah bland for me. That’s what I like about Firefox, all the cool customization you could do. But, I began to notice that several gadgets, widgets and shortcuts I have been using for years were non-responsive with FF 5.0. E.g.; my Roboform password remembering program that I can’t live without as I cannot remember all the different passwords I have for every different site. I don’t use the same one as hackers are getting more inventive and seemingly desperate these days. Anywho, it’s just a heads up since I’ve advised so many people to move to FF.
    Peace and love, RodneO

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