Today’s Journal Notes from RodneO from Clearwater, FL

caledesi island, clearwater, florida
caledesi island, clearwater, florida (Photo credit: netandrew)
Official logo of City of Clearwater, Florida USA
Official logo of City of Clearwater, Florida USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: A montage of St. Louis
English: A montage of St. Louis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Flag of the city of St. Louis, Missouri. SVG Image created by uploader based on an image found on the Saint Louis city government web site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone,

I’m going to journal for a minute.  I am using this as a mental health tool for there is such a fast and furious, almost warp speed favor on and happening to my life I am compelled to document and codify some of it as this time I feel cosmically impressed to mark this time and its current events.

Those who know me or that follow me via social networking have certainly seen me recently transcend through mega – multi – simultaneous – change.  I changed my location from Central US to the Southeastern Gulf Shores.  Migrating  St. Louis to Clearwater, FL , around the first of the year 2012.   My marital status as well as my work status were inextricably altered also the same year.  I was awarded the status of Permanently and Totally disabled as per the United States of America Social Security Department.  Having worked at high levels of business for over 40 years to include Regional Claim Manager with The Hartford Insurance Group as well as though short-lived strong success as an entrepreneur in various assorted endeavors my retirement portfolio was more than acceptable for me to live the lifestyle I choose.

I am now settled in Clearwater, FL where I feel as though I am on the exact spot that God has ordained for me to be.  I am at a place of peace in my life and feel deep serenity as I pursue a happy, joyous and free.  I  live my life in a state of willingness and accepting that assists me in getting through life on life’s terms one day at a time.

So my retirement lifestyle affords me opportunities to workout, boat, fish , read, view, meditate on Spirituality.  My daily goal is to awake with a willingness to say in all of my life ”
not my will but thy will be done.