Why do they hate this president so? Why?

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September 12, 2012  Re-blogged August 2,2014

People, don’t give up on Obama.  Don’t you know that the reason there are no jobs or why nobody’s hiring or why they ship the jobs off shore?  It is because it’s part of the Repubs’ promise to make it the goal to get this black man… oh I sorry, I mean this president out of office.

So what do they do, check this out closely, they have all of their 1%er business owners to be austere and not grow their business but satisfy the stockholders and act as if they are afraid of “the status of the American economy”.  Oh, and what about the “oath” of no taxes to the wealthy no matter what.  This went to the point that they let the American credit rating fall.  No compromise on anything even if it will help the American economic situation.

Meanwhile Americans, that are capable of achieving anything as a nation got the point and know to “put the shoulder to the wheel”,  “sharpen your saws” (education), “hone your craft (practice your craft to improve your skill) whatever it is and be ready for the jobs that are available in this day.  But since the goal is to “make this president (this black… man – yeah I said it) a one term president”.  So their 1%er business owner will not hire and just minimally grew and have a static growth period (still making $$$$) until they get Obama out.

Why do they hate this good, intelligent, charismatic, communicative, trying to do the right thing man?  I bet you my guess is better than yours.

Don’t believe the Republican, trickle down, no government safety nets for anyone, I got mine now you get yours, still mad because we can’t make you work for free (don’t forget slavery) mentality.  Also with their unfettered and inexhaustible unacknowledged $$$$ for negative ad campaigns that work.   Don’t fall for the hype because things ARE tough and they’re promising all kinds of lies.

We must have a middle class that can earn a living wage and be able to feeds and clothes their children and live comfortable lives.  This is done when there are wage earners that can support a base of tax revenue that can support good schools, etc.

And you can not just let poor and destitute people just fall off the earth with nothing in America to assist them in anyway.

Folks, government has a purpose.  So we are a land of laws and those laws must be adjudicated fairly, equitably with liberty and justice to all.


Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

2 thoughts on “Why do they hate this president so? Why?

  1. Thanks for the link. To answer your opening question – they hate and I do mean hate this President because he is not white with a last name of Smith.
    For the Republican party to allow a hateful minority to dominate their policies should be the debate.
    Not a local businessman getting 15 minutes of fame and then trying to harm his business.

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