Now This is just so sad on so many levels – “TO” – Terrell Owens Broke

TO Broke?  Say it ain’t so!

 PROVERBS 16:18English: Terrell Owens (T.O.) autographing for...TERRELL OWENS

Terrell Owens is Broke, After Playing 15 Years and Making $80 Million  Originally printed 01/24/2012 2:18PM

I don’t often do posts about sports figures or athletes, especially with a story that is  unsuccessful or particularly negative. My point here is to report about a character type not to exhibit if you’re a kid hoping or working to be a successful athlete or anything for that matter.   However, I have blogged about Terrell Owens before and his story hasn’t improve with time or age.  Now it should be noted that this story above was originally printed in January 24, 2012 by USA Today Sports BigLead’s Jason Lisk.  Being replayed in the media seemingly from a bunch of National Enquirer type headlines being pushed by TMZ.  Maybe TO pissed off TMZ’s Harvey Levin as Harvey is going after him like he’s Lindsay Lohan.  What?  A recent report of Mr. Owens’ accounting are said show not much improvement.

English: Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell ...

Mr. Owens, whom I perceive from his braggadocios self promotion noted by elaborate touchdown celebrations and other vainglory is a man with severe unresolved ego and other  issues.  Check this out:  

Well, here’s his latest update:

Terrell Owens

Strangely enough, I was watching The Pro Bowlers Association and I saw Terrell Owens sitting with the Dallas Strikers professional bowling team.  I thought to myself at first ” wow, TO didn’t get on an NFL teams and is now Bowling?”  I then watched long enough and listened close enough and was able to see that TO was not bowling but was the owner of the Strikers.  I continued to watch long enough to see that unfortunately TO’s Strikers  lose and were eliminated from the tournament winning no money.   TO OWNS A PRO BOWLING TEAM

TO’s money managers are telling the media (especially TMZ) that are eating this story of this haughty Black man’s fall, that he is essentially a dummy  saying “he is not smart”.  Obviously he wasn’t smart enough to pick better money managers or to keep those thieves out of his pockets.

TO is seeking currently to have his $535,200.00 reduced citing that he’s not working.  How about these unwise decisions?  Four  (4) different children from four  (4) different women or in today’s Hip-Hop vernacular, four 4 different baby mama’s.  Can’t blame those on Money Managers.  Nor can he blames his arrogant attitude and lack of team play ethics which distanced him from players and coaches alike.  He’s also wishes he could get his $438,000.00 IRS fees and taxes reduced.  Now this just seems like piling on: 

NFL:  OCT 10 Buccaneers at Bengals

What is the moral of the story here kids?  Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Prov. 16:18.  The good thing about it is that TO may not have his millions but he now has his lessons and his talent and he is still alive and young and has a log time to do the next right things.  He has my prayers and for his sake I hope he learned the right life lessons.

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