The Cicadas are coming! The Cicadas are coming! So what’s up with the Cicada?

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My DAUGHTIO and I spoke today via Voxer®” and she was lamenting about my granddaughters questions and fears about these Cicada bugs that the news channel she had been watching caused her to have.  My granddaughtio painted a picture in her mind’s eye of her school and neighborhood being swarmed and overwhelmed by these insectsShe was hearing so much about them and they are getting so much press from the media that she was envisioning a Cicada Swarmageddon:   The truth is that for all intents and purposes they are harmless aside from the deafening noise which seems much louder in the suburbs.  And they are some ugly suckers.  Below is some very good coverage of this historical event which takes in 17 year cycles.  Articles, video , photos and more 

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Hey, if that is too shallow for some of you or you just want to go deeper as did I seeking an unabridged expert document, as it were.  So, I came across much documented work but it wasn’t difficult to separate out the article below.  What sets it apart in Cicada documentation is that others reviewed were single species specific, the below attached is all encompassing:

17-Year Cicada Illinois Brood XIII

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A 17-year cicada, or Magicicada

English: Cicadas (Magicicada) mating in Cookev...
English: Cicadas (Magicicada) mating in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA. These cicadas are part of Brood XIX of the 13-year cicada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Molted Cicada Skins
Molted Cicada Skins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Auchenorrhyncha" species (cicadas a...
“Auchenorrhyncha” species (cicadas and relatives) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. What does the word “Cicada” mean? Cicada
    [si-key-duh, -kah-]

    The cicada is a large hemipterous insect with translucent wings. Cicadas feed on the sap of trees and roots. The name is derived from the Latin cicala meaning “tree cricket”, despite the fact that cicadas and crickets are not in the same insect order. Deep-fried cicada is a delicacy in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but aside from their taste cicadas are known for their song, a rhythmic vibration produced by males in search of a mate.

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