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7 thoughts on “Who is Rodneo?

  1. Rodney how are you doing? I just searched your name and found your blog.

    You were the best manager I have had since moving to the STL region in 1993 hands down.

    I am currently learning the lesson of patience. I have been working as a W/C Examiner at Vanliner Insurance since January 2009.

    I worked at STL Hartford from 93-00. If you remember me please write. My supervisor was L Tutt and then I was promoted to her spot.

    Please write and I would really, really appreciate your recipe on Caribbean jerky.:)

    1. Share, I just happened to have checked weblog as I have not checked nor updated in a long while. Your comment really lifted and made my day.

      As far as employee – mgr, you were on of the best associates i’ve ever worked with, so I guess the feelings are mutual.

      Have had a bunch of changes in my life. Many work related. In fact I temped @ BROADSPIRE with Linda as my mgr for a while. That didn’t work out. I am now quite a bit older and in school for IT training and will be moving to Tampa, FL at the 1st of the year God willing.

      Sorry so long before reply but please keep in touch. I’d love to know how you and your family are doing.


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